Our Story

The gaming industry is undergoing a massive revolution with the advent of Blockchain, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The gamers are hyped up with the fact that new technological inclusions exist as low-hanging fruits in the world of disruptive gaming, accessible within the four walls of their room. Somehow, this tends to fade away the essence of gaming as the game publishers hop on to join the bandwagon, just to keep the revenue flowing. Keeping the innovative part aside, do these new games actually meet the expectations of the gamers? This one question paved the way to the birth of Omuamua Studios.

As a group of young and dedicated gamers, we were quite active on different gaming communities sharing our reviews and trying out new games. This is when we realised, there is an inherent scarcity in the amount of quality content being produced in the Indian gaming industry when compared to their foreign counterparts. Though a lot of games are being released every day, the user experience and the essence of the content is found to be lost in most of the existing games, creating a ‘void’ in the disruptive industry. We are here to mend those voids, we possess the required technical “know-how” and are capable of bringing in quality games to the industry. We are putting our constant efforts to give you a different experience every single time. The passion within has always motivated us to become more creative than yesterday, creating an ever-lasting impression in your hearts.

Our team



" To be the most preferred and popular publishing house for independent developers in India "

The Indian gaming industry is facing high competition in the world market where International gaming giants already enjoy the larger pie with their innovative technologies, concepts and user experience. In spite of having a lot of game developers in India, most of the games that we Indians play are born abroad. So, we aim to become the trusted publishing house meeting the International standards. Holding together the spirit of ‘Atma Nirbhar’, our dream is to position India amongst the leading game publishers in the world.



" Touch 10 Million gaming hearts by 2021 "



To all the gamers out there, if you are looking for challenging games with quality graphics and gameplay, we got you! Every game that is born in Omuamua Studios is handcrafted to build a personal connect and comfort for the gamers who spend thousands of hours on our games. We are skilled to build games that you would vouch for, without any hesitation.

Our Approach

‘Inclusive gaming’ is what we focus on while building our games. Heavy graphics that demand faster OS and networks are no longer constraints for playing our games. Introducing the concept of ‘Gaming for All’, we make sure our games are simple but at the same time challenging for all age groups as well as can be accessed at your own comfort with minimal technical requirements.


We are a group of gaming enthusiasts who strive to deliver the best gaming experience to our users across the world from India. Our team prioritizes the client’s perspective and works around that to deliver the best to our users. Each game is tried and tested multiple times before it is out in the market making sure it is free of glitches because we value your time and passion for games. 


Since we have the same spirit running in our blood, we know what you need and we value your choice.

How we give life to our dreams


Abhishek Pattnaik

Finance & Strategy

“The one who shapes the company’s roadmap and builds strategies for operations and sales”

Praveen Singh


“Our touchpoint who reaches out to the hearts of our users through Social Media and marketing plans”

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty

Product Management

“The one who kick-starts the game-building process with all the ideation and technical assistance”

Bikash Kumar Sahoo

Partnerships & Investment

“The one who gets the money flow into the company”