In the dynamic world of gaming, challenging games with quality graphics and extraordinary gameplay is what we offer! Have a look at what we have in store for you...


Shooting Arena

Shhhh! Our enemies from space are here to destroy us! We don’t have enough time to ponder; pick up your gun and exhibit your supreme shooting skills before the alien force reaches us. As you collect more coins, upgrade your skin with new powers to battle it out with the enemies.


It’s time to switch on the destruction mode and survive the challenging levels to be the ultimate Shooter of The Shooting Arena! As you go, it is going to be tougher but we know that you will save the tribe and stand triumphant!


Releasing soon


Math - Multiplayer Game(MMG)

This is a unique game built to challenge and enhance your cognitive abilities like working memory, reaction time, processing speed, attention span, logical reasoning and more as it is built with an IQ test approach. MMG includes brain-training exercises where logical and thinking abilities are conjoined along with the fun factors, making it a “must play” for all the age groups, especially students due to the competitive levels that it encompasses. The online multiplayer environment that MMG provides makes it more comfortable for the gamers as it allows participants to join from all geographies, enabling a stable platform for a quick online mental ability session. Participants can select their preferred choice of complexity and join the online hub that connects millions of participants for a fun yet challenging session.



Welcome to the post-apocalyptic era! This game is set in a world much far from what we know today and having said that, this is a game of survival. The earth has been destroyed by natural calamities and famines bringing in catastrophic reactions to the lives on the earth. The ruined world is now ruled by a supreme leader but wait! Every story has a ray of hope and here he is...Z-OI, our super hero who is born to save us all. How our saviour is going to save the planet from the heinous crimes of the supreme leader and then restore peace on the earth is in your hands...Get ready for the game of survival!


Chase Me If You Can

How would you feel if you realise that your enemy is chasing you? Haven’t felt that thrill yet? Chase Me If You Can, with its unique gameplay will send that chill down your spine. You will always be in that edge feeling as you play this game because you are being constantly chased by the cops and if you surrender, you will be dragged to the prison and busted. A city, its roads and a car is all that you have to save your life. Unleash your witty driving skills to find a way out. Ready for the chase game? Earn points as you drive and save yourself from getting punished.


Drift Mayhem

Drifting is your thing? Show it to us, if your skills can make you win! Drift Mayhem is the race of your life where you show your skills and drift it like, it’s the time of your life. Expert driving skills will help you win races and bring home more points. Interesting levels with curated race tracks are awaiting your drifting skills to spice up the thrill and fun.